Leadville Dog-Park for the West Coast

Sunningdale is a fairly newly developed suburb about 20 km up the West Coast from Cape Town.  Even though very close to the ocean and the beach, it has become increasingly difficult to find dog friendly parks (or beaches!) in South Africa.  The need for this vital part of our social and recreational requirements is growing as suburbia expands at a rapid rate.

Luckily for the residents of Sunningdale and surrounds, they now have access to a beautiful and safe dog-friendly park, sponsored by Garden Cities.

Visitors have free entry, access to poop scoop bags, a water fountain, large fenced off areas for dogs to roam off leash, as well as a small shop to grab a coffee and enjoy some time out.

Whilst this park is very new and well maintained, it does fall short of some shade and proper signage. When we arrived, we were note sure where to go or what to do.  

There were water fountains, safe fencing, but I noticed that all the new trees were very young.  Other than the lack of shelter from the hot sun, there is absolutely nothing one can complain about for such a well maintained and immaculate doggie-friendly park.

 It is believed that the commercial building which already houses a vetshop, a coffee shop, and a animal behaviourist, it is seeking more pet related businesses and a doggy day-care would seem like the perfect venue for the adventurous entrepreneur.

Our dog loved the water fountain, but the fountain seemed like an even better place for a toddler to pass by some time while mom is letting fluffy run free for a short while.

It is important to take note of the Regulations for this park and always ensure that you are prepared for the visit and your dog is well socialised.

As a pet owner, it is not easy to find dog-friendly environments that are controlled to suit your dog's personality, and this park has made it possible for the smaller and shy doggies to also have a place to feel safe and run free without possible harm coming their way.

Leadville Dog-park is located at the end of Leadville Way, off Brasselton Road, Sunningdale. Contact 0215507780

Its was an absolute pleasure visiting this park and meeting so many very cute pooches there too.   Thank you to City of Cape Town and Garden Cities for making this much needed park available for our furry friends.



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